What is Autism? – 2017 Resource

In October 2017 I visited a Difficult Conversations class taught by Dr. Erin Watley at McDaniel College. I put together this resource for the students to learn what autism was, because I had asked them and they didn’t seem to know. Then, when we had our conversation, I discovered that this was a very effective resource. So I’m sharing it below. I’ve done my best to update the links, however I don’t know how well maintained this will be.

What is Autism Video: 4 minutes

Ever since the DSM V combined all the different kinds of Autism diagnoses into one, there are

The autism community doesn’t like high-functioning/low-functioning terminology because they are commonly used to privilege one kind of autistic person over another.  This can be as in you are smarter and therefore more valuable than other autistic people as well as you are higher-functioning and therefore you don’t need any help.  ASD 1, 2, and 3 are all legit diagnoses, however they don’t cover https://the-art-of-autism.com/understanding-the-spectrum-a-comic-strip-explanation/

Read at least two of the following articles, all of which are written by actually autistic people.  They cover individual    (Some of these count for two things instead of just one because of how long they are.)

About meltdowns:  What they can look like and how to help

Autism stigma in stereotypes and the DSM 

Quiet Hands:  A poem about ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis is the most recommended therapy for autistic kids and is recommended for 40 hour a week)

This person walks you through a day of their life:

Someone’s thoughts on Season 2 of Atypical

After graduating college, one autie considers their employment prospects

Why Don’t You Ask for Help Sooner? 

A Story of Abuse… Sadly Too Typical for the Atypical

https://autismanimated.com/dolph/m/feed/view/My-personal-story-autism-and-abuseof Autistic People

A thread of Awful School Experiences (w/ a comic!)

Selfcare Tips! venus as an enby — Selfcare for autistics (tumblr.com)

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