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Storyteller, deep thinker, and space maker.

A caucasian person with shaved hair wearing headphones.

Writ is Ellis Sardorian

a person who loves reading and thinking about how we navigate the world. They focus on people and their relationships with people and the world around them and how we can restructure systems to support people, rather than exploiting them.

You can email them at ellis (at) writ (dot) works.

Latest from the Blog

What is Autism? – 2017 Resource

In October 2017 I visited a Difficult Conversations class taught by Dr. Erin Watley at McDaniel College. I put together this resource for the students to learn what autism was, because I had asked them and they didn’t seem to know. Then, when we had our conversation, I discovered that this was a very effective…

Duck Tape

In 2017, Dr. Carolivia Herron read a dialogue we had written about an event seven years past. In it, we discuss bullying and how we as people respond to harm. Backstory When I was in 13, I was a student in a home school class that Dr. Carolivia Herron taught. I was 13 years old…

Body Talks

Disclaimer: The topic I am writing on is one I am still learning. I am sharing my journey as I walk it. I sincerely hope that you find some value in this. As I grew up, I learned that there were things outside of my control, and that how I felt was one of them.…

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