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Multimedia storyteller, mind changer, and space maker.

A caucasian person with shaved hair wearing headphones.

Writ is

Autistic, autoimmune illness (5 and counting!), tired, working on empty. Processing the world and my place in it through

  • art
  • writing
  • conversation

Latest from the Blog

The Pain I don’t Hear

The doctors trips began early. “Where does it hurt and how?” “Here, here, and here,” I would say. I got sick regularly and often. I knew what a fever felt like, and I remember going multiple times a school day to the nurses office. The aches and pains and chills in my bones were always.Continue reading “The Pain I don’t Hear”

A fair-skinned person wearing headphones. Their lips are painted red, and their eyes are covered by a big red block to obscure their identity. They are wearing a white long sleeved shirt underneath a black and white gingham collared, sleeveless button down that is fully buttoned. They stand against a backdrop of green leaves.


The collared button-down makes my white anglo-saxon protestant (WASP) heritage happy. It is business professional. It is dressed up. I like layering it over a comfy shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. As long as the shirt underneath fits and is a neutral color that pairs with the outfit, it brings that quirkiness that is honestContinue reading “Clothes”

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