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Storyteller, deep thinker, and space maker.

A caucasian person with shaved hair wearing headphones.

Writ is

a person who loves reading and thinking about how we navigate the world. They focus on people and their relationships with people and the world around them and how we can restructure systems to support people, rather than exploiting them.

You can email them at writ (at) writ (dot) works.

Latest from the Blog

Body Talks

Disclaimer: The topic I am writing on is one I am still learning. I am sharing my journey as I walk it. I sincerely hope that you find some value in this. As I grew up, I learned that there were things outside of my control, and that how I felt was one of them.Continue reading “Body Talks”

Partner Presentation

Here is my team-building activity. I like to do it whenever I will be working with someone new. Everybody figures out the following about themselves: How do you communicate? What are three strengths of yours? What are two areas you could be supported with? When you get overwhelmed, how can your teammates tell? How canContinue reading “Partner Presentation”

Ideal Autistic Vacation

No work today. Today’s my Vacation Day. I’m not taking time off work for this. I still work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. We work when works for us. And once a month, I take one of my Saturdays off and teleport somewhere for the day. It’s just a day trip, really. Felicia likes to takeContinue reading “Ideal Autistic Vacation”

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