Ideal Autistic Vacation

No work today. Today’s my Vacation Day. I’m not taking time off work for this. I still work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. We work when works for us. And once a month, I take one of my Saturdays off and teleport somewhere for the day.

It’s just a day trip, really. Felicia likes to take long stretches off, but then Felicia doesn’t take her vacations as frequently as I do. She backpacks across foreign countries all manual. Karim goes to party with his friends. For me, it’s smaller. Day trips to museums and libraries, all by myself.

I like going to art shows or conventions where there are a lot of people, but I do it alone. I cast a noise filter spell over my ears, and off I go.

I love art shows where I can connect with other makers. Ask them how and why. Learn about their technique and craft. Some of them are more business people. When there are other people with me at these events, I get overwhelmed. I have to account for their needs rather than just my own. I have to accommodate. In places like this, full of people and things, I am safest as an eel, slipping through the crowds, navigating my own way. When I get overwhelmed, there is no need to explain. I just pick another current. Cast a spell. Pull the required object out of my bag of holding, or–in extreme cases–teleport home.

I also like visiting large yarn emporiums and fabric stores. It’s so fun to feel all of the different things. I love the yarn and the fabrics. The feeling, the color. My mind dances. I like this, what could this be? Merino wool, soft, warm, comforting, squishy, happy yellow mustard. Mittens for the winter? Or a scarf? I sort through possibilities, aspects, textures, feelings, to find a satisfying mix. Will I make that, or is the joy of thinking enough? If I want it and want to make it, I will. If not, I leave it be for someone else. I usually don’t need to buy. The imagining is joy enough.

I go to plays, take hikes, all over the world. Just one day a month. One day a month that I have planned for adventure. Not a big one, a small one. That’s all I want and need. A small vacation from the every day, with a quick and easy return to space where it is safe for me to decompress. All on my own terms.

A shadowed person wearing glasses stands in an empty room.  The walls are white, and many pictures hang in the wall.  A gallery.
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