I don’t like introductions.

My favorite way of meeting people is launching straight into conversation. Let’s just get to learning about each other. It doesn’t have to be deep. We don’t need to expose our deepest trauma. Actually, it’s probably best that we don’t. More on that later.

I have learned that I will always be finding myself. That is the process of a good life, I think. Constantly in conversation.

“Who are you, me? What do you need right now?”

Right now, I need permission. I have learned to wait for others’ go ahead–I have learned that is best to avoid their wrath. And some have told me to stop waiting. Do my work, and the rest will sort itself out. So, I’m starting a blog to process thoughts that I think others may benefit from reading. Maybe one day it will become a website to document my various work.

“What work?”

I start by listening. I hear from communities and people. These are my reflections that I am sharing, my conversation that I have with myself as I experience the world around me. I would love to know your thoughts. I will share what I do with those thoughts at a later date.

What brings you joy? What brought you here? What are you seeking?

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