#StopTheShock: Where do we go from here?

For the past week, I have been hurting. We all have, the whole autistic community, so much. Personally, I want to rant and rage. But mostly I want to turn my pain into action. I’ve spoken to other people in my life about it. It isn’t enough. I think it might not be enough for other people, too. So I am setting up a space for us to come together and process as a whole community and figure out where we go next.

You don’t have to be autistic to come. All you need to do is care.

(Zoom bombers beware! We are prepared for you.)

What is this about?

The DC District Appellate Court overturned the FDA’s decision to ban the Judge Rotenburg Center’s use of electric shock treatment. If you would like to learn more, check out these links:

Event details

We are in the planning stages. If you would like to join our planning team, please mark it on the form. Please RSVP and share accommodations you need by filling out this google form.

The tentative date for this event is on <pending>. We will begin with education on what this is for those who don’t know, and hold space to process as a community, and then will close out with next steps.

Time/dates will be finalized on <pending>. Until then, assume we are still figuring it out and may change things.

A Note for Allies

You are welcome to join and participate. Please be mindful of that those who are more directly affected are not obligated to educate or help you process individually.


I am one person putting this together. I am disabled and have crazy life things happening right now, and have had to prioritize those things that bring me income. This is a passion thing and does not. This will happen, it just may take longer.

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